The Face of Climate Change: Update, March 29

The Faces of Climate Change continue to come forth from all corners of the globe! Thanks to all those who have shared stories of how climate change has affected them and what they are doing to fight it.

Here are some recent highlights:

At Mount Cook, New Zealand, the Face of Climate Change is the face of a mountaineer. In the midst of what is usually prime mountaineering season, the glaciers are melting at a surprisingly fast rate this year, creating impassable crevasses and limiting the number of peaks that can be summited.

In the Philippines, we see a very different Face of Climate Change. A father demonstrates the importance of alternative transportation methods in the fight against climate change, operating an electric vehicle powered by hydro and geothermal energy.

In New York, residents at a LEED-certified Assisted Living facility show their commitment to environmental issues by hosting an educational fair each year to discuss climate change and the ways that individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

Join these Faces of Climate Change and hundreds more in the global mosaic. Upload your photo here:

Earth Day is just a few weeks away! Organizations and individuals all over the world are hard at work to get ready for the big day. In Columbus, Ohio, Green Columbus will plant trees, pull invasive plants, cleanup neighborhoods, and prepare gardens at over 100 volunteer sites across the region. In Iraq, the Department of the Environment in Babylon will organize a media campaign designed to raise awareness about the effects of pollution in Hilla, Iraq.

Learn how you can get involved here. And be sure to share your Earth Day plans with us!