Warming Wonders of the World

The pyramids, Stonehenge, Mt. Everest, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, the Colosseum, the Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls… We know these iconic places and others like them as “wonders of the world.”  Various lists of “wonders” have been made since antiquity – lists of spectacular, awe-inspiring places that are important to our common heritage. They are places that we inherently want to preserve. The thought of anyone destroying them is immediately offensive.   

But many of these places – and others that are lesser-known but just as beautiful and important – are being threatened by climate change. So, we thought we’d make our own list: The Warming Wonders of the World.

We’ve created a special board on Pinterest to display images of these places and descriptions of the serious threats that climate change poses for them. In many cases, the negative effects can already be seen.

We’ll be adding to this board over time, and we invite you to come with us on our journey through some of the world's most amazing places in hopes that you'll be inspired to both visit and help protect them.

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