A STEM Is Often the Base of Something Green

For most kids in the U.S., the start of the school year is just around the corner.  And that got us here at Earth Day Network thinking about our favorite teachers – those who had the biggest impact on us. It also got us thinking about the fact that, if we’re really going to grow the green economy, we need more kids getting excited about math and science and eventually going into STEM careers. (That’s a fancy way of saying science, technology, engineering and math.)

That’s an issue at the heart of some of Earth Day Network’s campaigns, including our Green Schools, National Civic Education, and Women and The Green Economy (WAGE)® campaigns.

Then, we came across this piece from Dow Corning’s Corporate Citizenship division about promoting STEM education – and about appreciating those hard-working science and math teachers helping to train the next generation of green economy leaders. We thought you might be interested. Check it out, and leave a comment about your favorite science and math teachers and how they shaped your life – and about how people in STEM careers can help create a sustainable future.