Guest Blog from the University of Illinois at Chicago

MobilizeU Guest Blog

By Brianna Ceglia

MobilizeU School Coordinator

University of Illinois at Chicago; Illinois, USA

MobilizeU is off to a great start at UIC! I just got back from our first on-campus event; GreenUICEatUpMeetUp. GreenUIC is a mailing list created by the Office of Sustainability, where interested students, faculty and staff can get news about sustainability on campus and around Chicago. The EatUpMeetUp was a free lunch event, where anyone on campus could bring their lunch and eat outdoors in our native prairie garden. During the event, we discussed the environmental benefits and costs of vegan and vegetarian diets. We touched on a variety of issues, such as environmental footprint, water consumption (in food production), antibiotics, health benefits, nutrient density and more.

Coming up this week, we have a bike registration workshop where students can register their bike with the UIC police, get a free Chicago bike map,and participate in a bike route exercise. This will help a group of capstone students better understand cycling needs at UIC. We also have a free lunch event called ReThinking Soup, where anyone on campus can come enjoy soup made from fresh, local, seasonal ingredients (some of which are grown in our on-campus urban farm!)

Later in the week will have a seminar on “Beach Water Quality.” This is another free lunch event – the “Sustainability Lunch Series”- that will discussLEED certification for historic buildings and our Highlight Event of the Week- the Great Stuff Exchange! This event facilitates reuse of office supplies on campus. The event is open to the campus community, and anyone can stop by to “shop” for free office supplies that were donated by UIC departments! This is an annual event that helps remind our community that “reuse” should always come before “recycle”!

We are really excited about Earth Month and all of the opportunities we have to educate the campus community about the importance of environmental awareness, global warming and carbon footprint reduction. Stay tuned for next week’s update on how our events are going and what we have planned for the rest of April!