Less than Two Weeks to Mobilize the Earth

Earth Day will be here before you know it. Earth Day Network is working harder than ever in preparation to Mobilize the Earth™ on April 22nd. Check out the weekly international highlights to see what progress is being made globally.

Together to Protect Human and the Environment Association (TOGETHER),Earth Day Network’s partner in Iraq, is collaborating with the Ministry of Education to send official letters to all Iraqi schools asking them to hold an Earth Day event. This initiative is part of Mobilize the Earth™. To date, 3,000 schools have confirmed receiving the Ministry’s letter. In addition, TOGETHER emphasizes that each school prepare an environmental speech to be read to all students on April 22nd.   

In India, Earth Day Network partner, Janhit Foundation, joining the mobilization by organizing an inter-school debate competition across Meerut. The competition will engage 34 public schools in the region. Students will mobilize for Earth Day on April 21st and debate issues like water conservation and natural resource depletion and how they apply to India. The winning school will be presented an award of excellence in environmental awareness.

In Bolivia, Bolivia Bellais mobilizing by hosting a photography contest for Earth Day. The organization is encouraging amateur photographers throughout the country to submit photographs of wildlife, biodiversity, and natural areas in need of conservation and protection. Participants will have 10 days to submit their photographs, with the winner—announced on Earth Day—receiving a book of photographs published by a famous Bolivian photographer.

In Taiwan, Earth Day Network partner, HIMA Foundation, is mobilizing on April 22nd through a massive tree planting event around New Taipei City.  In coordination with film giant Canon, HIMA Foundation plans to host thousands of people and plant 20,000 trees as part of Mobilize the Earth.  Every participant will receive a free sapling, a certificate, and opportunities to win great environmentally-friendly prizes.

People all over the world are joining Earth Day Network to Mobilize the Earth™on April 22nd. With Earth Day less than two weeks away, have you thought about how you’re going to do your part? Take a look at www.earthday.org/2012to learn more about Earth Day 2012 and find ways to participate.