Earth Day Network Launches Government Engagement Program for Earth Day 2012

As Earth Day 2012 approaches, Earth Day Network is proud to present Campaign for Communities, a program that aims to engage local leaders and elected officials across the globe in taking part in Earth Day events.

Earth Day Network acknowledges local governments’ prominent role in addressing and managing the impacts of climate change and other environmental concerns facing their communities, while simultaneously struggling to balance budgets, create jobs and produce energy savings.Accordingly, Campaign for Communities eventsprovide a platform for local representatives to engage their constituents in a constructive dialogue about the need to create and implement plans for a sustainable future.

Hosting a Campaign for Communities event will permit for your leaders to present their vision for action to tackle environmental issues by conveying ideas and opinions, sharing best environmental practices, educating the public, and helping constituents achieve a more profound understanding of the complexities facing communities as they strive to build a sustainable future. Previous events have highlighted various environmental practices such as: transportation, green education, water, energy, recycling and water reduction, advocacy, or conservation and biodiversity.

For this upcoming Earth Day, Campaign for Communities hopes to engage local leaders and elected officials from 2,000 communities around the world in conversations with their constituents on the opportunities and challenges associated with building and sustaining a green economy. As Earth Day will be on April 22nd this year, Earth Day Network is inviting local leaders and elected officials to participate or organize a Campaign for Communities event in their area during the month of April.

Cities across the nation, from New York City to Bozeman to Dallas have already joined the movement to involve their local governments in Earth Day activities this April. Make this Earth Day count. Engage your elected officials.  

To find out how you can engage your government leaders and your community for Earth Day 2012 and for a formal registration, please visit the Campaign for Communities website.