First Ever Winter Youth Olympic Games Keeping Green, part 3

I have to keep this report brief because we’re getting really busy with racing now, but I need to share one more great thing I saw:

On Monday, I stopped in at the Athlete Village Square and visited the UN Environment Programme booth.  They had a great board set up that athletes could post notes on about their hopes for a good future for global environment. It was great to read notes from young people across the world. Just a few I saw were Japan, Slovakia, Great Britain, USA, etc. – but many notes didn’t even have the country name with them, just a good message. Pictures of a few of the notes are below.

I will try to get back to the booth and watch the board and notes grow in size – very cool.  The environmental awareness exhibited by this generation of athletes is a positive sign for our global community!


*Claire Del Negro is a former Olympian and has worked with the Olympic Games for over 30 years. She is also vice president of the International Luge Federation and an organizer for Earth Day Network’s Athletes for the Earth program.