Earth Day International: 5 Million Trees in Kurdistan


Earth Day Network understands that the fight to save the environment is a completely global effort. In preparation of Earth Day 2012, Earth Day Network has created the campaign Mobilize the Earth and will continue to work with individuals and organizations all around the world to promote A Billion Acts of Green®. To date, Earth Day Network has registered almost 500 million green actions, and the goal to reach One Billion before Rio+20 in June 2012.

To this extent, Earth Day Network is working hard in the Middle East to promote environmental issues and raise awareness about the increasing damages caused by deforestation.  To accomplish this Earth Day Network is proud to highlight the efforts of one of our partners in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This initiative is a joint-cooperation between Earth Day Network and the Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources in Kurdistan Region under the supervision of the Kurdish Cabinet. In celebration of Earth Day 2012 and A Billion Acts of Green® the ministry has agreed to plant 5 million trees.

The campaign was launched in November when the head of Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Barham Salih, planted the first tree (see photo). Other important governmental institutions such as the Agency of Protection andImprovement of the Environment, the Ministry of Municipalities, and the Ministry of Education were present as well as other non-governmental and environmental organizations.

Furthermore, many young students from the area have been participating in the campaign. By working with students all over the region, the planting initiative will cover a wide area of cities, villages, schools and public parks.

Earth Day Network would like to thank its partner Together to Protect Human & the Environment Association (TOGETHER) in coordinating these efforts.

Earth Day Network continues its commitment to our planet and works year-round in mobilizing individuals and organizations to live more sustainably. We believe that with the help of people from all over the world we can achieve A Billion Act of Green® and help foster in a new age of environmental consciousness.