Where have all the Fruits and Veggies Gone?

The American Frozen Food Institute stole them. That’s right: The USDA was ready to implement substantially positive changes to school meals nationwide, but at the last minute, special groups interests like the National Potato Council, Schwan Foods and the American Frozen Food Institute convinced Congress otherwise.  Shame on them.  After years of research and support from thousands of community organizations like Earth Day Network, the twisted logic of these mult-million dollar lobby shops was able to keep pizza and French fries designated as “vegetables” in our nation’s school cafeterias. Outraged? We certainly are. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that requires an all-hands-on-deck effort by the leaders of our country. Yet members of Congress would rather take campaign contributions from Schwan Foods. Luckily, you can still tell Congress how ridiculous this entire situation is by clicking here!!!

If you’re looking for something a little more positive, then check out the USDA’s Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge. It asks students, teachers, parents and schools nationwide to show their love for fresh fruits and vegetables – and anyone can participate.

Specifically, the USDA wants YOUR help recognizing those who have created inspiring and instructive videos that encourage healthy eating habits and raise awareness about USDA’s MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which includes making half of your plate fruits and vegetables. Do YOU have a special trick or tip that inspires your children to fill their plates up with fruits and vegetables? Or maybe YOU are looking for a new trick? Well look no further; you can view all of the contest submissions and even VOTE on the video that you think is the most creative and effective.

In essence, the videos strive to demonstrate how to add more fruits and vegetables to a diet without straining a budget. Judges from the USDA will be looking at the quality of the ideas, implementation of the idea, and potential impact on healthy eating habits to determine the first and second place winners. The first and second place prizes each win $1,500, but the “popular choice” video (which YOU can vote for) will win $500.

VOTE now before voting closes on December 12th at 5:00pm EST, so we can help bring fruits and veggies back to our plates!!!