Renewable energy catches up to the fossil and beats nuclear energy by 18 percent

Renewable energy has passed an important milestone. In the recent Monthly Energy Review by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, domestic production of renewable forms of energy have now surpassed nuclear power and is closing in on oil.

The Sunday Campaign a non-profit research and educational organization in a press communication states --

“Notwithstanding a few high-profile set-backs such as the recent collapse of the solar company Solyndra, U.S. governmental investments in renewable energy sources have proven to be highly profitable and are yielding stellar returns,” said Ken Bossong, Executive director of the SUN DAY Campaign. “Ongoing and expanded public support is certainly warranted, particularly in light of the risks posed by continued reliance on environmentally dangerous sources such as nuclear power and fossil fuels.”

This is welcome news for the fledgling green economy as well. As domestic production increases we hope to see more jobs created in this sector.