Save Environmental Education Funding!

Did you know that 45 million Americans think the ocean is a source of fresh water? Or that 130 million people believe that hydropower is America’s top energy source (when in reality, it really is just 10% of the total)?  Shocking, right? So what’s our solution? Environmental Education! However, before Congress left town for August recess, we learned that the House Appropriations Committee proposed eliminating ALL federal funding for the EPA’s Office of Environmental Education.

Since 1992, this program has benefited all 50 states with more than 3,400 grants to increase the “public's awareness about environmental issues” and to address “an educational priority such as teacher training, education reform, or health.” This lack of foresight and leadership by the House Appropriations Committee does not have to be the case. Environmental education and “green” school practices provide a solid foundation and investment for any school community -- regardless of the community’s political affiliation.

In the past, the topic of education used to be beyond partisan bickering. Today should be no different. In fact, the future of the nation’s 55 million schoolchildren and our economy is depending on it. A sound, 21st century education is one that investigates and emphasizes the relationship between the economy and the environment. 

Tell Congress to restore funding for the EPA’s Office of Environmental Education. Please share this link with your friends to help spread the word! The time is now to make our voices heard about the importance of environmental education!