A groundbreaking new green building for the Bullitt Foundation


The Bullitt Foundation is breaking new ground, literally. It is not very often that office building construction is something celebrated by the environmental community, but on Monday, August 29th, the Bullitt Foundation started construction of a truly green building. From the construction material to composting sewage, the building will make new strides in combining all of these practices under one roof, so to speak.

The building material will be toxin free and locally harvested and produced, reducing the carbon footprint of its construction. The office space will generate its own electricity through solar panels and will reduce overall energy consumption through increased sunlight in the building and regulating the temperature of the offices with open windows in the summer. With these measures in place, the building will only require as much energy as it produces. There will be a large rain cistern to provide the building with water for its drinking fountains and faucets, pending health department approval. In addition,  tenants will be encouraged to go green by having a parking lot for bicycles.

Bullitt Foundation President, CEO and Earth Day Network board member Denis Hayes is very excited about being able to “practice what he preaches”. The organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970, Hayes stated, “We started thinking; why not build the kind of building we’ve been encouraging everybody else to build?” With four of the six floors already committed, Hayes is not alone in his thinking. One of the committed tenants, the Cascadia Green Building Council’s CEO stated, “I think this is the most important building being built in the country today.”

It is encouraging to see that people are making real strides towards a more sustainable future. While we all may not be able to build our own completely green infrastructure right away, we can each take little steps towards making our personal and business spaces greener. With each small step, we get closer to having making our buildings sustainable. In the mean time, it is encouraging to see people like Hayes leading the way along the green path for the rest of us.