IMF Selection Advances Leadership of Women in the Green Economy

The International Monetary Fund seems to have recognized the power and value of women -- its 24-member, all-male board elected former French finance minister, Christine Lagarde, to be the new managing director of the IMF. Her selection marks yet another breakthrough for women in economic and political leadership – and reflects that the IMF wants fresh thinking, and that’s laudable.

“Business as-usual” thinking in countries and institutions worldwide has created inertia on climate change policies and an economic crisis – and it’s been dominated by men.

It is time for new thinking, new leadership and new action to transform the current carbon-based, unsustainable economy (in both senses of the word) to one based on the values of sustainability that are at the core of the desperately-needed clean energy, green economy.

The IMF website declares an understanding of this, because it states, “Responding to climate change has become one of the world’s foremost policy challenges. In line with its mandate and expertise, the IMF is focused on the fiscal, financial, and macroeconomic challenges of climate change and related policies.”

We call upon Ms. Lagarde to take a proactive role in expediting growth of the green economy, clean renewable sources of global energy, and the accompanying job creation. As a woman at the helm of this esteemed institution at the heart of the world’s economy.

Women represent more than half of the world’s population, at least half the voting public and make 85 percent of all consumer purchase decisions. We need women - and Ms. Lagarde in particular-- to bring their economic and political power and their fresh thinking to expedite growing the green economy and solving global climate change challenges. And we need it now.

As Lagarde has been quoted as saying, ”It’s good that things are changing.” We look forward to measurable signs that one of those “things” that Ms. Lagarde is changing is the old carbon-based economic thinking. We look forward to seeing the IMF put its money and clout where the green economy is and generating new solutions that are truly both economically and environmentally sustainable.