Drawing a line in the sand

Drawing lines in the sand have been a symbol of taking a stand for a long time, setting boundaries and showing that certain things cannot be compromised. This past Saturday, June 25th, people around the world gathered around the world for Hands Across the Sand to send a message of solidarity and let the world leaders know the time has come to embrace clean energy. In light of the repercussions from offshore oil drilling, Hands Across the Sand asked people to join hands and send the message, “We are here to say NO to offshore drilling and say YES to clean energy!”

Not having access to a beach myself, I participated in the event at the White House. In front of the home to the Executive Office, people of all ages stood in line, holding hands and calling for President Obama to say NO to offshore drilling and focus on clean energy. Many were holding miniature windmills, symbolizing one of the many venues for acquiring renewable energy. While many had made a trip to the White House to participate, I noticed many people walking by that were spontaneously joining. I admit, joining the largest demonstration against offshore drilling would be tempting even if I had not planned on being there. 
No matter what people’s backgrounds were, those gathered were willing to take time out of a beautiful Saturday and make their voice heard, and what a swell of support! There were over 300 events happening worldwide. It was so empowering to know that while I was standing there holding hands with fellow supporters, in my home state there were people standing in the sand, the very beaches that were being threatened by offshore drilling and raising their voices as well. It was even more powerful to know that in an hour, more people would be participating. You cannot help but feel proud to be part of something so much larger than yourself when you know that there are others doing the same thing. 
No matter where you are, what background you are from, how close or far you are from a beach, or how old you are, you can draw your own “line in the sand”. Support clean energy in your own backyard. Clean energy is not just about avoiding oil covered birds and turtles. It is about pushing our economy forward in a way that not only fulfills our current needs, but also ensures energy practices for our future.