Sustainable Energy for All

Earth Day Network Intern - Shela Suh

From turning off unused lights to driving cars with better gas mileage, the term “energy” often coincides with the act of reducing its level of use. While striving to make the world more sustainable and environmentally friendly, we rarely think about the idea that some people desperately need more energy to survive. Sponsored by the UN, the Vienna Energy Forum, held June 21-23 in Vienna, Austria, focused on the key phrase “Energy for All—Time for Action.”

After a rather disappointing UNFCCC conference held in early June in Bonn, Germany, where one commenter noted that the meeting rooms “have been witness to almost nothing happening,” it is refreshing to focus on the idea of action.  Heads of state, officials, and about 1,000 experts, scholars, and activists have been meeting in Vienna to address how to guarantee universal access to modern energy in nations of poverty and increase energy efficiency by reducing energy intensity by 40 percent by 2030.

Currently, up to 3 billion people lack access to modern energy services, as three quarters of the population use only 10 percent of the world’s total energy consumption. By balancing out the world’s utilization of energy, millions of lives can be saved in poorer countries. You don’t have be an energy expert or Arnold Schwarzenegger to make a difference.  Every act, from unplugging unused electronics to carpooling, makes a difference.  What are you doing to help save the planet?  Pledge your Act of Green today at!