The first ever National Biodiesel Education Day

Earth Day Network - Green Schools Coordinator - Josh Volinsky

Earth Day Network, in partnership with the UPS Foundation, launched the first annual National Biodiesel Education Day on May 17.  To mark this occasion, our Green Schools Coordinator, Josh Volinsky, organized an event in Newton, Massachusetts to attend a celebration of Newton North High School’s Greengineers program.

Led by teachers Steve Chinosi and Matt Anderson, Greengineers is a unique, innovative program that allows students to create and market their own sustainability solutions. Currently, students are exploring the production of algae biofuel and alternative uses for plastic bags. Tuesday’s celebration was all about biodiesel, and the new equipment and support provided by Earth Day Network and the UPS Foundation, will enable the Greengineers to produce their biodiesel more quickly and sustainably than ever before.

Biodiesel is created through the combination of waste vegetable oil and ethanol in a chemical reaction. This process produces a viable fuel for vehicles. Biodiesel can be used in any standard diesel engine, and the Greengineers receive their waste vegetable oil from the school’s cafeteria, as well as from Legal Seafoods restaurants – thereby reusing what would have been a typical waste product.

Through the grant, the Greengineers received a drying tower, centrifuge, and other essential equipment that puts them at the cutting edge of biodiesel education.

In the coming weeks, Earth Day Network will debut another biodiesel production at a school in Seattle, WA, and will debut a national curricula on sustainability transportation with a concurrent webinar. Stay tuned!

But for more information right now on the Greengineers program, check out their website, and click here for more info about Earth Day Network’s grant programs.