We're not winning the green future

We're troubled to read in the NY Times that the United States is falling behind other countries when it comes to creating green jobs and a green economy. 

"Many European countries — along with China, Japan and South Korea — have pushed commercial development of carbon-reducing technologies with a robust policy mix of direct government investment, tax breaks, loans, regulation and laws that cap or tax emissions. Incentives have fostered rapid entrepreneurial growth in new industries like solar and wind power, as well as in traditional fields like home building and food processing, with a focus on energy efficiency.

But with Congress deeply divided over whether climate change is real or if the country should use less fossil fuel, efforts in the United States have paled in comparison. That slow start is ceding job growth and profits to companies overseas that now profitably export their goods and expertise to the United States."

This year we've heard talk from our leaders about "winning the future." The White House says that we have to "out innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world." Yet with both houses divided in the US Capitol can this House (or Senate) still stand?