This doll needs a green makeover

When it comes to fashion, you’ll never find Barbie lacking.  From stylish clothes to her keen sense of fashion, America’s favorite blonde has a knack for staying in touch and up to date with the latest trends and never misses an opportunity to show off in public.  She thinks of herself as an icon, a role model and the apple of Ken’s eye. But times are a changing, and the more time she spends with her head in fashion magazines the more she is found lacking in other important areas- CONSERVATION. 

Trust us Barbie, we aren’t out to scorn you, but with such an eye on what’s hot aren’t you aware that your packaging IS NOT?  It is bad enough that your wardrobe goes through more changes than days in the year without recylcing, but did you know the home you live in on the store shelf is destroying forests?  While the company you use to craft your temporary home is cheap, it is responsible for the destruction of Indonesian Forests- home to some of the animals we’ve caught you admiring on your dates with Ken to the zoo.

Now we admit, your social and political activisms are well noted (aside from your stint as a super model) - you’ve been a teacher, a doctor, a veterinarian, a police officer, an astronaut, and so much more.  How about we look into adding environmentalist to your résumé? 

You don’t have to commit much, just try to be green. 

Now don’t panic; going green won’t mean changing your signature pink hues.  You can do it through simple acts of green every day.  Let’s start with changing your packaging.  So do us a favor, be up to date and a trend setter in something else for a change.  Stop purchasing your homes from Asia Pulp and Paper, and start focusing your fashionista talents on protecting the environment too!