Green music anyone?


Creativity and dreams of rock stardom aren’t the only influences in the music industry.  Some musicians have combined their passion for the environment with their musical talents to produce some solid tunes that are also earth friendly as a part of the 2011 "Music For the Earth"  competition hosted by Earth Day Network and friends. 

In celebration of musical advocacy and environmental awareness, the Earth Day Network, Sonicbids, Musician’s Friend and many artists from around the world have competed and the results are in!

Congratulations to Paulo Lara and his song “Better World” for winning this year’s competition!  Paulo joined more than 500 unique band submissions for the grand prize- a hand made, one of a kind Gibson guitar.  We look forward to seeing more creative green activism from Mr. Lara and are excited for next year’s competition.

More congratulations go to our second place winner Elci and Friends for “Earth Day 5” a kid friendly call to action and to third place winner The Wheel Workers  for their pop rock anthem “Chemicals.”

So how will you contribute an act of green like these artists?  Tell us your pledge to advocacy and action, and remember the possibilities are endless; perhaps these artists have inspired you!

Music for the Earth is a held in partnership with the Earth Day Network’s Arts for the Earth™