World Banking on Mayors to Combat Climate Change

A deal reached Wednesday, June 1, between the C40 Climate Leadership Group – a coalition of the world’s largest cities – and the World Bank promises new financing for sustainable development and the mitigation of dangers posed by climate change. The climate summit, hosted in Sao Paulo, brought together leaders of cities representing 297 million people - accounting for 4 percent of the world’s population, 10 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions, and 18 percent of its economic output.


As municipalities around the world face budgetary challenges, these new funds from the World Bank could enable cities to finance critical climate relief projects to reduce the risk of threats such as flooding, drought, and pollution. Further, the agreement highlights the commitment made by the world’s leading mayors to address climate change and pursue the development of a green economy for their citizens. Their example may empower local governments and communities to take a decisive stand of this vital global issue.

Here at Earth Day Network, we also recognize the importance of engaging mayors in addressing climate change. In conjunction with our mission of diversifying and mobilizing the environmental movement, we work with communities through their local governments in order to further the goal of building a green economy.

In our Global Day of Conversation Campaign, over 900 leaders, including mayors, were involved in this initiative. Mayors spoke to residents on Earth Day addressing topics pertaining to energy efficiency, water conservation, and the economic opportunities presented by green jobs. Essentially, the purpose of the Global Day of Conversation is to use community involvement as a means of developing concrete plans in achieving environmental goals.

This is only possible with the presence of effective leadership, such as mayors, and a constant engagement with the community. The Earth Day Network hopes you will help us to further facilitate this process through initiatives like its Global Day of Conversation program, assisting communities and their local governments in their efforts to grow a green economy.