Earth Day Honored in the Villa Borghese!

In 2011, Earth Day will be used as a platform to educate the world about the important environmental issues facing our planet.  From global climate change to deforestation, environmental awareness is the central focus on April 22 in over 125 countries. Though we continue to discuss these issues and search for solutions in the fight to save the planet, Earth Day is also a time for celebration and appreciation for the great environmental work we have done so far.  Earth Day is an opportunity for people around the world to rejoice in the beauty of our wondrous planet, and our friends in Italy are making sure they celebrate in style.

To commemorate Earth Day 2011, Earth Day Italia hosted an Earth Day Celebratory Concert yesterday in Rome’s Villa Borghese.  Famed Italian composer and guest of honor Ennio Morricone launched the music and festivities, which featured sustainable contemporary art displays and a fashion show by Italian designer Roberto Capucci.  Each presenter shared green stories and sustainability tips to the audience to commemorate Earth Day. 

Not from Italy?  Don’t worry!  Earth Day Network is partering with groups from all over the world to celebrate Earth Day 2011.  Check out Earth Day Network’s Event Locator to find out more information about activities going on in your area.  While you’re there, don’t forget to contribute to A Billion Acts of Green® and let your voice be heard. Join us in showing the world the power of individual actions!