Philadelphia Eagles Green Stadium’s Energy

Earth Day Network’s Athletes for the Earth campaign brings professional athletes to the environmental movement as spokespeople for Earth Day and for increased environmental awareness and activism. The newest sportsperson to bring awareness to the green movement is Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, who is retrofitting the Lincoln Financial Field to be the first major US sports facility to operate on renewable fuel.  He plans to have wind turbines, solar panels and a biodiesel plant installed in the stadium by the start of next season.  The Eagles have been greening their stadium since it opened seven years ago, and this installation further solidifies the team as the leader of the league’s green movement. Lurie says “inowning and managing an NFL team that's on national TV, to have that kind of iconic symbol converting to renewable energy, we hope it can be a good example and encourage other businesses to do even better than us." 


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