A Billion Acts of Green ®

Add your voice to this global referendum on the environment to show leaders gathered at Rio+20 the breadth of support for strong international action.

For the past two years, Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® campaign has been inspiring amazing environmental commitments from individuals, businesses, governments and civic organizations all over the globe. Their contributions have made it the largest environmental service campaign in the world.

A Billion Acts of Green shows us that environmental issues are increasingly impacting how people live their daily lives. In the absence of national and international action to solve major environmental problems such as climate change, people are taking action into their own hands. And all these little actions add up to something big.

On Earth Day 2012, we were proud to announce that we reached one billion actions.

A Billion Acts of Green is a global referendum on the environment. It shows the breadth of support for strong, coordinated action to deal with our most pressing environmental challenges. And we’re going to take this achievement to world leaders and demand just that.

Earth Day Network will carry your voices to Rio+20 this June, where world leaders will gather to determine the fate of global sustainable development.

In order to send the strongest possible message, we need to grow the number of acts of green as much as possible between now and June 20, the start of the summit.

Notable Contributions to A Billion Acts of Green®

1,570,839 Acts of Green Contributed by Students in Oman
Earth Day Network has worked with the Ministry of Education in Oman to collect Acts of Green from the country’s students since 2011. And for Earth Day 2011 and 2012, every school in the country hosted an environmental festival where students learned about conservation and sustainability.  READ MORE

900,000 Students in Iraq Learned about Conservation
Together to Protect Humans and the Environment Association distributed Earth Day Network’s environmental lesson plans to 900,000 students in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. And on Earth Day, the students made a myriad of individual commitments to A Billion Acts of Green®. READ MORE

28,000,000 Trees Planted Across Afghanistan
In 2011, Earth Day Network partner Green Club Afghanistan planted 28 million trees in Afghanistan as part of A Billion Acts of Green® to replace green space lost due to the conflict there. READ MORE

89,000 Individual Acts of Green from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India
In Tamil Nadu, India, student leaders at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering collected the most Acts of Green of any university for Earth Day Network’s MobilizeU competition.  Students worked hard on a variety of projects that included getting the dining hall to stop using disposable plates and utensils and achieving a significant campus-wide decrease in water consumption.  READ MORE

343,829 Efficient Light Bulbs Installed in New Orleans
Green Light New Orleans committed to install over 300,000 energy efficient light bulbs across New Orleans in coordination with A Billion Acts of Green®, representing one bulb for each city resident. READ MORE 

7,000,000 Acts of Green from Kuwait
Kuwait Million Acts of Green – a group inspired by A Billion Acts of Green® – organized a national campaign that registered over 7 million Acts of Green in 2011. The campaign worked with students, communities, and local governments on commitments to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, increase recycling, utilize public transportation, organize environmental education events, and more.  READ MORE

789,041 Generators and Skyhydrants Distributed to Earthquake Victims in Haiti
Siemens Corporation, the U.S. arm of global conglomerate Siemens AG, distributed fuel efficient emergency response resources to earthquake victims in Haiti as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  READ MORE

1,500 Solar Panels Installed in The Netherlands
Spanda Foundation worked in partnership with A Billion Acts of Green® to install 1,500 solar panels on homes across the Netherlands.  READ MORE

5,000,000 Energy Efficient Stoves Installed in Africa
The Paradigm Project committed to install 5 million fuel efficient cook stoves in homes throughout Africa as part of A Billion Acts of Green®. These stoves reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down for cooking and reduce emissions that are harmful to humans and the environment.  READ MORE

102 Grant Thornton Employees Start Green Office Initiatives
Grant Thornton organized the “A Billion Acts of Green® Employee Contest” to see how many green actions employees could generate.  One hundred and two employees stepped up to the plate to promoting recycling in the office, organize office tree plantings and more.  READ MORE

1,006,639 Trees Planted in 16 Countries for the Avatar Home Tree Initiative
Earth Day Network, in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox and Avatar, planted over a million trees in 16 countries around the world, involving over 31,000 volunteers.  READ MORE

10,000 Acts of Green collected by Proctor and Gamble Future Friendly Employees for Earth Day
P&G Future Friendly employees organized a contest to collect the most Acts of Green for Earth Day 2011. Entries included vegetarian diets for employees and riding bikes to work. READ MORE

6,000 Trees Planted in Haiti
Florida-based NGO Operation Green Leaves planted 6,000 trees in Haiti as part of A Billion Acts of Green® to replace trees cut down for charcoal, prevent soil erosion, and prevent dangerous runoff from entering the Caribbean Sea.  READ MORE

2,669 Acts of Green Contributed as part of Employee Competition
At Seagate, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hard disk drives, employees held a competition to see how many Acts of Green they could complete before Earth Day 2012. Employees committed to buy food with less packaging, to take public transportation, and more.  READ MORE

620,000 Trees Planted in Inner Mongolia
Roots and Shoots Shanghai planted 620,000 trees across Inner Mongolia as part of A Billion Acts of Green to help fight desertification and land degradation. They turned the plantings into educational events by enlisting local schools to help. READ MORE

110,000 People Ride Bikes for Environmental Awareness in China
Chinese organization IGEA organized a massive bike riding campaign in 2012 as part of A Billion Acts of Green®. People from 11 cities across China participated in the event.  READ MORE

20,000 K-12 Teachers in the U.S. Join Environmental Educator Network
Earth Day Network teamed up with Wells Fargo to create a one-of-a-kind online network that fills the rapidly growing need for high quality educational tools that support environmental literacy and share “green” school resources. Currently, over 20,000 teachers take part in the interactive network. READ MORE

3,187,521 Pounds of Recyclable Material Collected from California Beaches
The California Coastal Commission organized their Coastal Clean-Up Day 2012 in coordination with A Billion Acts of Green®.  Volunteers collected over 3 million pounds of recyclable material from beaches and bays across California.  READ MORE

3,333 Acts of Green Committed in Ghana on Earth Day
Africa Youth in Action organized an environmental awareness day on Earth Day 2011 in Accra, Ghana.  The event featured beach clean-ups, tree plantings, and other green community projects, totaling over 3,000 Acts of Green.  READ MORE

42,064 Pounds of Trash Picked up on Beaches across Europe
Over 42,000 pounds of trash were cleaned up and added to A Billion Acts of Green® by the European Union Branch of Surfrider Foundation. READ MORE

20,000 Colombians Learned About the Importance of Recycling
The Clean Garbage Project held seminars for 20,000 people across Colombia as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  The seminars encouraged people to start recycling and to contact local government officials in relation to waste removal. READ MORE

435 Students Created “Green Maps” in Kiev, Ukraine
In coordination with the Peace Corps, students in Kiev, Ukraine, created “green maps” to share with local community members for A Billion Acts of Green®.  The maps showed residents where to recycle and dispose of trash properly. READ MORE

10 Solar Panel Systems Installed in Schools across the U.S.
The University of Phoenix partnered with Earth Day Network to install solar panels on the rooftops of 10 schools across the United States for A Billion Acts of Green®.  These installations not only saved the schools money, they also served as a tool to teach students about renewable energy. READ MORE

3,836,343 Pounds of Recyclable Material Collected in Schools across America
Keep America Beautiful worked to contribute every pound from their Recycle Bowl Competition in 2012 to A Billion Acts of Green®.  Over 500,000 students participated. READ MORE

3,000 Trees Planted in Bosnia.
Bosnian organization Eko-Element planted 3,000 trees in all ten municipalities across Bosnia as part of A Billion Acts of Green®. READ MORE

12,000 Pounds of Trash Collected in Minnesota.
Residents of Rochester, MN, organized a community-clean up as part of A Billion Acts of Green®. They collected over 12,000 pounds of trash. READ MORE

5,100 Acts of Green from Students in Cameroon
Green Cameroon added over 5,000 Acts of Green from their Sustainable Development Initiatives for Earth Day 2012.  Students installed fuel-efficient stoves and planted trees in villages around the country. READ MORE

513 Volunteers  Cleaned Parks in Colorado
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado helped organize a park cleanup for A Billion Acts of Green® in Denver.  Overall, 513 volunteers worked to clean up trash from the trails. READ MORE

44,000 Pounds of Trash Collected in the San Francisco Bay
Heal the Bay collected 44,000 pounds of debris and trash from the San Francisco Bay for A Billion Acts of Green®. READ MORE

24,000 Trees Planted in Portugal
Associação Transumância e Natureza planted 24,000 trees in 2012 for A Billion Acts of Green®.  They also sowed over 600,000 oak seeds in coordination with the Ministry of Environment.  READ MORE

413,909 Trees Planted across California
California organization Mokugift contributed over 400,000 planted trees to A Billion Acts of Green®.  Each tree that was given as a gift in 2011 was added to the campaign. READ MORE

1,400 Students Participated in Environmental Workshops in Mexico
Club De Patos organized a workshop with local students for A Billion Acts of Green®.  Students were taught ways to live more sustainably and after played environmental themed games. READ MORE

10,000 People Switched to a Vegan Lifestyle in the UK
Vegfest UK got 10,000 people to commit to a vegan diet for 2 weeks in November 2011 to draw attention to and help reduce pollution from factory farming. READ MORE

40,000,000 Trees Planted in Madagascar
Eden Reforestation Projects has planted 40 million trees since 2010 in Madagascar as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  The trees not only help combat climate change but also offer a source of sustenance for the local people. READ MORE

200 Energy Efficient Light Fixtures Installed in a High School in Massachucetts
Earth Day Network teamed up with Philips Lighting to provide new, efficient, environmentally-friendly and money-saving lights to Durfee High School in Fall River, MA, for A Billion Acts of Green®. Classrooms were updated with 32 watt T-8 fluorescent tube lamps made with reduced mercury reclaimed from recycled lamps. READ MORE

7,500 Trees and Flowers Planted in Australia
In Australia, Friends of Toolern Creek planted 7,500 trees as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  The trees work to limit erosion and reintroduce vegetation to the creek.  READ MORE

1,000,000 Keys Recycled in Florida
Key for Hope recycled one million keys for A Billion Acts of Green®.  The old keys were recycled, and the money raised was used to purchase food to feed children in need. READ MORE

913 Families Received Fuel Efficient Stoves in Central America
Sustainable Harvest International installed 913 fuel efficient stoves in communities throughout Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama as part of A Billion Acts of Green®. READ MORE

1,000,000 Solar Panel Kits Distributed throughout Mauritius
Mauritian organization Tough Stuff distributed 1 million solar panel kits to homes in Mauritius as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  Theese kids allow families to harness safe, clean energy to power their homes. READ MORE

204,722 Trees Planted in Cyprus
The Department of Forests in Cyrpus coordinated with Earth Day Network to plant over 200,000 trees for A Billion Acts of Green®.  READ MORE

650 Youth in the UK Worked with Local MP’s to Create Climate Change Legislation
The UK Youth Climate Coalition worked with 650 young people in the UK to “Adopt an MP” as they worked to achieve climate change legislation.  Each student registered her/his action as an Act of Green.  READ MORE

102,130 Bags of Trash Cleaned-Up from U.S. Highways.
Adopt a Highway Litter Removal Services of America teamed up with A Billion Acts of Green®. They picked up over 100,000 bags of trash from America’s highways in 2011.  READ MORE

300 Trees Planted in Benin for Earth Day
Novi Africa worked with students in Benin to host a Global Youth Service Day.  Students planted 300 trees and cleaned up a nearby park and registered their acts as part of A Billion Acts of Green®.  READ MORE

600 Efficient Sinks and Toilets Installed in Sarasota, Florida, Retirement Community
The Plymouth Harbor Retirement Community installed water-efficient sinks and toilets for A Billion Acts of Green®.  The installations will use half as much water as standard units. READ MORE

 3,000 Trees Planted in Tanzania
Evergreen Agriculture Tanzania planted 3,000 trees in two school districts for A Billion Acts of Green®.  The plantings were coupled with training events and conservation sessions all to celebrate Earth Day. READ MORE

5,200 Students from 7 European Countries Join Climate Change Discussion
Organizers at Comenius in Poland counted each participating student from their “Diversity in Europe - A Common Voice for Sustainable Development" campaign for A Billion Acts of Green®.  Students from Norway, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Slovenia participated. READ MORE

 1,750 Students in Costa Rica Learned about Sustainable Development
The Titi Conservation Alliance brought together 1,750 students in Costa Rica for A Billion Acts of Green®. Educators taught them about issuers related to sustainable development, conservation, and deforestation. READ MORE

200,000 Trees Planted in Developing Countries to Offset Book Printing
Eco-Libris planted over 200,000 trees in various developing countries as part of A Billion Acts of Green® to offset the paper used to print books. READ MORE

100 Endangered Orchid Species Planted in Panama
Aprovaca contributed 100 Acts of Green through the rare orchid flowers they planted in Panama on Earth Day. Aprovaca worked with local high school students to make sure the plants thrived.  READ MORE

10,200,000 Pieces of Trash Collected Along U.S. Coastline
The Ocean Conservancy coordinated with Earth Day Network to collect 10.2 million pieces of trash for A Billion Acts of Green®. READ MORE

Pledge your act of green here:

When we began the campaign in 2010, Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, we never could have imagined the tremendous response we would see worldwide.

Throughout the campaign, commitments have ranged from the very small to the very large. Yeji from South Korea pledged to not use paper cups anymore, while Pearl from the United Kingdom pledged to sell her car and walk everywhere she could.  We even had some fun commitments, like the guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn’t recycle. Individual commitments like these have always been the main focus of A Billion Acts of Green®, and without help from people like you, we would never be where we are today.

Earth Day Network has also been fortunate enough to work with some incredible organizations whose larger environmental initiatives drove the campaign to new heights.  For example, Earth Day Philippines contributed over 12 million Acts of Green through massive tree plantings, water projects, river clean-ups, recycling drives and school greenings. And two hundred Catholic parishes contributed 100,000 acts of green through local service projects.

Learn more at act.earthday.org