Athletes and Arts for the Earth

Arts and Athletes for the Earth campaigns aim to connect and promote artists and athletes who are committed to green living and environmental awareness.

Tadasana International Festival of Yoga & Music

March 23, 2012

Hey guys! Check out our new Arts and Athletes for the Earth partner, the Tadasana International Festival of Yoga & Music!

The Tadasana Yoga & Music Festival is a three day long event held off the pier in Santa Monica, California over Earth Day weekend 2012. This year the festivalRead More

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Our Artists and Athletes

Aaron Peirsol

Aaron Peirsol is a seven-time Olympic medal winning swimmer. In his spare time he is earning a degree in Government from the University of Texas and helping protect the World’s Oceans as the spokesperson for the clean-ocean advocacy group Oceana with his very own fundraising program called Aaron Peirsol’s Race for the Oceans.

Andrew Ference

A veteran Canadian professional ice hockey and stalwart environmentalist, Andrew Ference helped created a carbon-neutral program for the National Hockey League and has been called a "eco-warrior" by National Geographic .

Andrew James and the Steady Tiger

This collaborative South African band is made up of front-man Andrew James and drummer James Van Minnen. Dedicated to green living and having just released their first album, Red in Tooth and Claw, this duo is a group you don’t want to miss. Check them out at


Based in Washingotn D.C., Bravenoise is made up of lead singer Andrew Bell, Bass guitarist Garron Marsh, and Drummer Andrea Spadafora. Their pop rock style is making waves along the east coast and brings sound and style to the Arts for the Earth™ network.

Ben Agosto

An American ice dancer, Ben Agosto is the 2006 Olympic Silver medalist and four-time world medalist. Passionate supporter of all things green, Ben now supports Athletes for the Earth™.

Dmitry Volkov

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Dmitry Volkov studies classical cello at the Peabody Conservatory. Winner of the prestigious 2009 Carlos Prieto International Competition and 2011 Yale Gordon Compeititon, this 24 year old is one of the brightest rising stars in classical music today.

Esperanza Spalding

Growing up in a single-parent home amid economically adverse circumstances, Grammy Award-winning Esperanza Spalding continues to break barriers and push the limits of jazz and fusion music.

Leilani Münter

Leilani Münter is a biology graduate turned professional race car driver and environmental activist. Discovery's Planet Green named Leilani the #1 eco athlete in the world. Her tagline is "Never underestimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car."


Founded in 2008, Athletes for a Fit Planet provides environmental consulting and onsite support to athletic events and races across North America and in the UK. FitPlanet is a recognized and trusted resource to both the race director and athlete community.

Harlem Globetrotters

For more than 80 years, the "Clown Princes" of basketball, have thrilled and delighted worldwide audiences; more than 123,000,000 spectators in 118 countries have watched them play. No stranger to taking up big causes, they now support Athletes for the Earth™.

Terry Kent

Terry Kent is a former U.S. Olympian in canoeing, and an active supporter of river and ocean conservation. Terry is now an Athlete for the Earth™, working towards promoting a healthier earth.

Kate Diaz

Kate is a young rising star, who at only 15 years old is writing and performing her own music across the Midwest of the United States. As an artist for the earth, Kate has a strong passion for motivating others to take action, both big and small. Check out her music and story at

Mike Green

Mike Green is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman for the Washington Capitals and when he's not on the ice, he is involved in a number of community organizations and events, such as America's Giving Challenge.

Mike Richter

Mike Richter is a former National Hockey League goaltender, having played 13 seasons with the New York Rangers and being part of the Silver Olympic medal winning 2002 American Hockey team.

The Great Planet Earth Debate

The Great Planet Earth Debate, in Spanish "El Gran Debate Del Planeta Tierra,” is an organization in San Juan Puerto Rico. "The Great Planet Earth Debate" TGPED is the first of a series that tie science and technology with music and a script to help tie in all the information for students from 8 years old to 17.

Summer Rayne Oakes

Recognized as The World’s First Ecomodel, Summer Rayne Oakes has created a career aligning her values to her work. She is author of bestselling style guide Style, Naturally and Cofounder of Source4Style, a B2B marketplace that connects designers directly to sustainable material suppliers around the globe. Oakes is Editor-at-Large for Above Magazine and has recently written-produced her first film – an environmental art short called eXtinction, which was released this year.


Musicians United to Sustain the Environment has launched two web radio stations for the web of life. is a full-spectrum station broadcasting eco-music that spans two-decades, many genres, topic, and countries. features environmental music specially programmed for children and families.

James Pribram

Laguna Beach native, James Pribram, is a professional surfer, columnist and environmental leader and educator. His environmental awareness program, The ECO-Warrior Project is dedicated to protecting oceans, beaches and sea life worldwide through education, knowledge and participation.”


Karen Stewart and Howard Brown - partners in life and work, launched their eponymous ethical fashion brand in 2002. Stewart+Brown practices and promotes a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between business, community, and nature. Stewart+Brown aspires to apply the wisdom of sustainability to every aspect of their brand and lives.

Feral Childe

Feral Childe is a womenswear clothing line designed by bi-coastal design duo Moriah Carlson (Brooklyn, NY) and Alice Wu (Oakland, CA; formerly of NYC). Originating as an art project in 2002, Feral Childe has successfully evolved into seasonal wholesale collections while maintaining the artistic spirit which earned them a loyal and international audience. Feral Childe considers sustainability from the start of the design process, when they are sourcing for the season's fabrics, to their choices for printing and dyeing treatments, to details such as buttons and trim.

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