August 2014

Women’s Equality Day

Today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, 94 years after the 19th amendment secured women’s right to vote in the United States.

Since that momentous day, women have continued to eagerly push through barriers and make history. They have opened doors into the workforce and continue to break through the proverbial glass ceiling in countless sectors. Young women now are more likely to have a college degree than men—a huge social shift from even a few years prior.

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August 19th heralds Earth Overshoot Day

According to the Global Footprint Network, on August 19th humanity’s footprint will be bigger than the Earth’s ability to regenerate those resources in this year: Earth Overshoot Day. In 1961, most countries’ biocapacity was bigger than its footprint, but ever since the 1970’s we have started to overstep our limits. Each year Earth Overshoot Day has come earlier in the year as we deplete our world’s resources. In 2000 Earth Overshoot Day was in October. 14 years later and now it comes 2 months earlier.

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Tell the EPA that you support the Clean Power Plan Rule

Recent EPA hearings have seen massive public attendance as well as hundreds, testifying in support of stronger safe-guards and regulations on carbon emissions.

The Obama administration has promised to take action against global climate change and to work towards a more sustainable energy economy.

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