About Women and the Green Economy (WAGE)

While women are taking up leadership positions in government and NGOs – and increasingly in business and science – their numbers are not sufficient to match the enormity of the fossil-fueled-to-green-economy transition. Those women who do manage to break the glass ceiling still face challenges in bringing their companies, work and ideas to scale.


  • Develop a Global Policy Platform that will advance women’s leadership, based on a series of formal regional consultations and conferences with key leaders in business, government and NGOs.
  • Change the framework for women’s leadership in the green economy via an energetic public information and media campaign.
  • Influence key decision makers, including business leaders and government leaders using the data we have collected through the consultation process and the publicity generated through the public information campaigns.


To date, Earth Day Network’s global WAGE consultative process has seen events with scores of key women leaders in business, government and NGOs in San Francisco, Delhi, Sydney, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and more.