Organize Activities

In addition to promoting environmental literacy at your library  through allowing students to pledge to read books, Earth Day Network is encouraging  librarians to sponsor other activities and events in honor of Earth Day 2012 that may contribute to A Billion Acts of Green®. Some ideas for different activities have been highlighted for you including contests and events that your library can sponsor.

A. Contests

Contests are exciting ways that you can motivate ways that you can further engage young readers to participate in Reading for the Earth™ . Create your own contests or use one of Earth Day Network’s templates provided for you  below:

B. Events

  • Read an environmentally themed book to younger readers and hold a discussion about the book
  • Show am environmentally themed movie and have a discussion about the movie
  • Start a community garden and motivate kids in your neighborhood to help you maintain it throughout year 
  • Host an “Eco-Fair” and invite local environmental agencies to share information with people in your community
  • Encourage young readers to paint fun, colorful eco-murals and to use non-toxic art supplies
  • Work with your colleagues, young readers, and parents to organize an Earth Day event or competition
  • Pick up trash at around your library  and in the community and dispose of it properly
  • Have a cooking lesson teaching people in your community about solar energy by cooking using just the sun
  • Lead an art project that only uses recycled items
  • Join the “Catalog-Canceling Challenge” which encourages kids to cancel the families unwanted catalogs in order to decrease the use of paper and help save trees
  • Make bird feeders and other wildlife feeders. Than place them around the library
  • Host a book drive where people bring books that they want to donate to the library

For more information on how to set up an Earth Day 2012 event check out the Earth Day 2012 Organizer’s Guide below:

Earth Day 2012 Organizer’s Guide


Certificate for Students who participated in the Reading for the Earth Activity