MobilizeU - Winners

1st Place (Most Acts of Green)

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Coordinator: Ramesh Rajesh

Total acts of green: 89230

This University located in India has truly gone above and beyond during the MobilizeU Month. They generated the most acts of green, totaling over 80,000, by taking on a wide range of initiatives to make their campus more sustainable than ever.

One initiative was called Water for Birds, a project started by the Eco Forum to help the avifauna on campus sustain themselves during the summer heat wave. Students at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering also developed an Eco-Quiz to show students how they can live greener every day. They also had a Junk Art event where students were given the opportunity to repurpose trash as art. Students even developed a television show-based competition called Man Vs. Wild, requiring participants to get down and dirty with nature!

Along with all of these events, the students at the Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering also worked on establishing major long-term initiatives to green their campus. Students successfully created Waste Free Food Weeks where the dining halls switched from paper products to reusable stainless steel dishes, which had a huge impact on waste reduction on campus. Students also organized a water survery done by the Eco- Forum Concern, Awareness and Responsibility for the Environment (CARE -SVCE), which increased water conservation knowledge across campus.

The events listed above represent just a fraction of the hard work that the MobilizeU Team at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering has put in over the last few weeks. These students showed outstanding dedication to the MobilizeU Movement, and definitely deserve this win!

2nd Place (Most Acts of Green)

Bahcesehir University

Coordinator: Eren Sulaoğlu

Total acts of green: 21269

In second place, we have Bahcesehir University, located in Istanbul, Turkey. These students held several important events that greened their campus and worked tirelessly to achieve concrete results.

One event they held provided the opportunity for 2000 students to calculate their carbon footprint, while informing them about the dangers of global warming. Students from Bahcesehir University also registered 3,000 new voters on campus and raised a great deal of awareness about the importance of voting for the environment.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Bahcesehir University’s MobilizeU efforts was the abundance of guest speakers they were able to bring to campus. At their panel on Climate Change, students invited Dr.Mustafa Öztürk, the former president of the Turkey’s Environmental Commission to speak, as well as Hilal Atıcı, the manager of Greenpeace Mediterranean. At their Conference on Environmental Problems and Sensitivity, students from Bahcesehir University brought Ali Ercan Özgür from the General Secretary in the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey to speak.

Thousands of students came to these events to listen and learn from these important environmental figures, showing the strong commitment of the Bahcesehir University MobilizeU Team to inspire as many people as possible during the MobilizeU Month.

Most Acts of Green from a Big Ticket Idea

Universidad Belgrano in collaboration with Road2Argentina Study Abroad

Coordinator: Katherine E. Catlin

These two schools in Argentina worked together to pull off a grand Big Ticket Idea during the MobilizeU Month. Road2Argentina, a program dedicated to connecting students with opportunities for studying and volunteering in Buenos Aires, signed onto ʺGreen Contract,ʺ committing them to reducing their carbon footprint by 30% over the next five years. This carbon reduction will not only include the university’s emissions, but also the flights of students travelling to Buenos Aires. The effort will combine energy reduction in student housing facilities and offices while providing opportunities for students to offset their flight emissions by planting trees.

Student representatives went to an international night at the Universidad de Belgrano to encourage other students to sign on to the contract, and the response rate was so high, that they ran out of the forms that they brought! Great collaboration Universidad de Belgrano and Road2Argentina!

Most “Education and Awarness” Acts of Green

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Coordinator: Sarah Hebert

The University of Massachusetts Amherst takes the win for Education and Awareness acts of green through their activation of the school’s Eco-Rep Program, which focuses mainly on responsible consumption and recycling. The program mobilized their campus through several different events which helped them generate a high number of acts of green in this category.

One of their accomplishments was the improvement of their Green Office Program. Students from University of Massachusetts Amherst provided kits to each office on campus, helping faculty and staff record their buildings’ energy use. Another venture was the school’s Sustainable Move-Out publicity campaign. Students created a fully functioning website, sent out advertisements, and e-mailed the student body informing them of the greenest ways to vacate their dorm rooms at the end of the school year.

Earth Week was a huge success at UMass. A student fair took place on Earth Day to showcase student efforts towards a more sustainable campus and 40 student groups displayed their environmental projects. Robert Kennedy Jr. also came to Umass and gave a speech entitled “Our Environmental Destiny”. Approximately 1,050 people attended this lecture through which he tied together environmental initiatives with economic viability and political challenges.

Needless to say, thousands of students were reached through the hard work of the UMass students. This university did a great job spreading awareness to the students on their campus and beyond!

Most “Advocacy and Campaigns” Acts of Green

Virginia Highlands Community College

Coordinator: Raven Marin

Virginia Highlands Community College demonstrated outstanding performance in the Advocacy and Campaigns category.

One of their biggest campaigns was called Destination Green and centered around a contest calling for realistic suggestions about how create a more sustainable campus. The students who ran the contest were even able to offer a Kindle Fire as a prize! In preparation for the contest, student representatives created tons of flyers and outreach materials to spread the word on campus.

This campaign was definitely a success, and Virginia Highlands Community College will no doubt become a whole lot greener once their great ideas are fully implemented!

Most “Campus or Community Greening” Acts of Green

Walla Walla University

Coordinator: Kelsey Loreen Riederer

Walla Walla University in Washington State held several events geared towards greening their campus and surrounding community over the course of the MobilizeU Month.

In honor of Earth Week, their school held a service day where over 400 students volunteered to help implement environmental services around the community. Some of these services included distributing CFL light bulbs to local neighborhood families, planting trees, clearing trails, and cleaning up river banks.

Another big event that students from Walla Walla University organized was in honor of Arbor Day. These students planted bulbs all across the Walla Walla Campus, and even worked with a local middle school to help the children celebrate Arbor Day through planting. This winning university really showed how much fun cleaning and greening can be!