Heating the Troposphere

Currently as a global society we are experiencing an increase in surface temperatures due to human induced global warming. Already creating worry within the scientific and governmental worlds, further issues are being brought to our attention. U.S. and British meteorologists have reported that in addition to warming surface temperatures, the troposphere, the lowest level of the atmosphere where weather occurs, is warming as well.

Scientists looked at four decades of data on troposphere temperatures and found that warming is occurring in this atmospheric layer as more greenhouse gases are being emitted. Scientists hope these results will add additional support to studies that began in the 1990’s on troposphere warming and were heavily contested. Data collection methodology was heavily debated due to the higher complexity in measuring temperatures in the troposphere versus temperatures at the Earth’s surface. When results were first recorded, data was collected through weather balloons and weather satellites, leaving some skeptics to debate that although these methods could accurately measure slight changes in weather, they were not as efficient in measuring slight changes in climate.

However, since technology has advanced overtime, today’s satellites and weather balloons have given more concrete evidence to the scientists studying this correlation. Publishing a paper that cites almost 195 sources, data sets and climate model results, those who doubt climate change exists due to human activity will be heavily surprised. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40202730/ns/us_news-environment/