National Security and the Environment

As we observe Veterans Day 2011, Earth Day Network is honored to work with veterans for their service and sacrifice. This year we had the distinct honor of working with committed individuals from Operation Free and retired Generals such as General Wesley Clark to pursue a clean energy future.  Among the many reasons to support clean energy, national security is a key concern for EDN and many of its members. Dependence on overseas oil leads in some cases to supporting regimes that are funding violence against Americans abroad and in the U.S.  In addition, the Pentagon has identified climate change as a national security risk that could exacerbate conflicts in areas where there is tension over access to natural resources such as cropland and water. Many of these conflicts have far reaching effects.  Earth Day Network is working to help mitigate climate change and help the developing world adapt to minimize the human consequences.  It is imperative to consider the potential for the effects of climate change to lead to global insecurity.

The Armed forces in the U.S. are taking great measures to reduce their fuel consumption because access to fuel is a primary security concern. This past year the Navy introduced the Green Hornet, an F/18 that burns only bio fuels.  More on the Pentagon’s efforts at greening here: