Billion Acts of Green®: Every Environmental Act Matters

How often do you hear someone dismiss riding their bike to work, recycling their waste or neglecting a green act because they claim their actions are insignificant in the grand scheme of things? If you’re like me, you probably hear arguments like this all too frequently or maybe even use the excuse yourself from time to time. Clearing this hurdle is often difficult, even for the most dedicated of environmentalists. That is why I am really excited about Earth Day Network’s new Billion Acts of Green® campaign. This global movement calls for people on every continent to commit to at least one act of environmental service and register it online. Whether the gesture is simple, such as washing laundry in cold water, or monumental, like picking up a million pounds of trash, the campaign accepts every act. Collectively these acts will not only have a tremendous impact on global carbon emissions but will also demonstrate the power of small every-day individual acts of green.

So the next time you or your friends are searching for inspiration to ride your bike to work, turn to the Billion Acts of Green® campaign. Find similar acts that other people have pledged to, register your own, and feel good about joining the world’s largest environmental service movement. In fact, at this point, over 42 million acts have been registered by individuals, corporations, and governments around the world. If that doesn’t bolster your enthusiasm for doing something green, then check out what some people have already done.

Oh, and if you register your act within the next couple of weeks, you might even win a smart car! Visit the campaign headquarters at or on Facebook and Twitter to see how easy one small environmental service act can translate into something viral, and maybe even win a new ride. Until next week, my showers are getting shorter, and my laundry is running on cold.